Urban Micrometeorology

Prof Sue Grimmond’s Group


Yuya Takane arrives from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)- Japan February 2017
Ao Arrives from SIMS-Shanghai-CMA January 2017
Bei Huang arrives from Tsinghua University, China September 2016
Makoto NAKAYOSHI arrives from Tokyo University of Science, Japan September 2016
Kohin Hirano arrives from NIED, Japan August 2016
SUEWS V2016a released June 2016
Junxia DOU arrives from IUM, China June 2016
Tiangang Yi visit from NUS/CESBIO June 2016
Alex Bjorkegren Successfully defended PhD (no revisions!) June 2016
Papers By topic   Most recent papers
Alex Bjorkegren Start jobs Dept of Health Feb 2016
Izzy Capel-Timms Starts PhD January 2016
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Current Past
NERC Industrial Case Studentship/RMS:  Urban gust estimates for insurance portfolio loss  EUf7 MegaPoli
EU emBRACE  Met Office International Urban Land Surface Model Comparison
Belmont/NERC TRUC – Transformation and Resilience on Urban Coasts   NERC ARSF – flights across London
Belmont/NERC Metropole -An Integrated Framework to Analyze Local Decision Making and Adaptive Capacity to Large-Scale Environmental Change: Community Case Studies in Brazil/UK/US  NERC ClearfLO
Met Office CSSP 2   Met Office CSSP 1
 USDA Forest Service
EPSRC Bridging the Gap Materials Innovation Hub: Connecting Materials Culture to Materials Science
LCCP (supported by Met Office/Lloyd's/ London Climate Change Partnership)


King’s College London (including  Estates Duncan Ede, Geography Deparment Dr Bruce Main, Dr Jiangping He)


Older News
Papers By topic   Most recent papers
Izzy Capel-Timms Starts PhD January 2016
Ting Sun re-joins group January 2016
Will Morrison   ACEEES Student Presentation Award Hawaii December 2015
Martin Best Successfully defended PhD November 2015
Christoph Kent WES Student Presenation Award October 2015
Will Morrison Starts PhD October 2015
Elliott Warren Starts PhD October  2015
Ben Crawford Joins group September 2015
Alex Bjorkegren ICUC9 Student Presentation Award Toulouse July 2016
Christoph Kent Starts PhD February 2015
SLUM Spectral Library of Urban Materials released March 2014
SUEWS v2014a.1 released feb 2014
Simone Kotthaus successfully defended her PhD (Decemeber 2013)
Helen Ward successfully defended her PhD Jul 2013
Helen Ward starts  Post Doc  CEH Wallingford April 2013
LCCP report released July 17 2013
Simone Kotthaus wins best Student presentation award IAUC Dublin 2012
Thomas Loridan successfully defended his PhD Nov 8 2011
Thomas Loridan starts job at Risk Management Solutions (RMS) November 2011
Simone Kotthaus wins Best Student Poster at AMS 9th Urban Symposium Keystone Colorado

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