AirPro (NERC)


CSSP- China (Newton Fund/Met Office)

UrbanFluxes (H2020)

TRUC (NERC/Belmont)

Metropole (NERC/Belmont)

emBRACE (EUf7)

Hi-Temp (NERC)

ClearfLo (NERC)

The ClearfLo (Clean Air for London) project is a collaborative scientific project involving several academic institutions in the UK, investigating boundary layer pollution across London.

LCCP (Met Office, Lloyd’s of London)

Weather observations are some of the most important data required to enable London to function. The Observing London project assesses the data availability and needs of the capital. This work will help enable innovation in weather and climate services so London can adapt and thrive.

Urban Model Comparison (Met Office)

There has been a rapid increase in the number of land-atmosphere exchange models which explicitly parameterize urban surfaces. The models are being developed for a wide range of purposes, which includes improved weather forecasting, climate predictions, air quality forecasting and assessment of the impact of mitigation strategies.

The objective in this project is to investigate questions such as: do the models produce physically realistic simulations of urban heat exchange? How complex do parameterizations of heat exchange need to be? What are the costs (computer time, data requirements) and benefits (improvement in model prediction)?

Bridge Project (euf7)

To this end, the BRIDGE project aims at bridging the gap between bio-physical sciences and urban planners and at introducing innovative planning strategies for urban planning and design in Europe.


Investigating the interactions among megacities, air quality and climate. MEGAPOLI will bridge the spatial and temporal scales that connect local emissions, air quality and weather with global atmospheric chemistry and climate.