Anthropogenic Heat Flux (Inventory)

Anthropogenic Heat Flux (Inventory)
PublicationsAllen L, F Lindberg, CSB Grimmond Global to city scale model for anthropogenic heat flux, International Journal of Climatology (accepted)

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Total Fluxes

Estimation of the heat flux generated by anthropogenic activities in the Greater London
area classified by source (buildings, transportation, human metabolism).

Energy flux is allocated over the Greater London area according to a fine spatial mesh based on the NeSS Geography Hierarchy, as adopted by the Office for National Statistics, and taking into account temporal variations (seasonal, daily, hourly).

Results are correlated with residents and daytime density, consumer typology,temperature, etc., in order to obtain a predictive model for forecasting purposes.

Data sources: DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change), UK Office for National Statistics, Greater London Authority.

Built Environment(2006, provisional estimates)

Transportation (2006, provisional estimates)

Key People:

Prof Sue Grimmond
Sean Beevers
Dr Nutthida Kitwiroon
Dr Mario Iamarino
Dr Fredrik Lindberg
Lucy Allen