Conference Presentations

AMS 29th Conf. Agricultural & Forest Meteorology, August 2–6, 2010 Keystone, Colorado, USA

Froelich NJ, CSB Grimmond, HP Schmid Modeling Nocturnal Cooling Below a Forest Canopy (IU group)

AMS 19th Symp. on Boundary Layers & Turbulence, Aug 2–6, 2010 Keystone

Ward HC, JG Evans, HAR De Bruin, CSB Grimmond Scintillometry with non-uniform crosswind fields

Dragoni D, HP Schmid, CA Wayson, CSB Grimmond, JC Randolph, H Potter Evidence of increased net ecosystem productivity associated with a longer vegetated season in a deciduous forest in south-central Indiana, USA (IU group)

Froelich NJ, CSB Grimmond, HP Schmid Using sky view factor to model radiation & thermal structure within & above a forest canopy in sloping terrain. (IU group)

AMS 9th Symp. Urban Environment, August 2–6, 2010 Keystone, Colorado

  • Grossman-Clarke S, JA Zehnder, T Loridan, S Grimmond Contribution of Land use changes to near surface air temperatures during recent summer extreme heat events in the Phoenix metropolitan area , USA (poster)
  • Erell E, I Eliasson, S Grimmond, B Offerle, T Williamson Incorporating spatial & temporal variations of advected moisture in the Canyon Air Temperature (CAT) model
  • Hendry MA, MJ Best, M Gouvea, CSB Grimmond, A Porson: International Urban Energy Balance Comparison Project: JULES-URBAN models, any winners?
  • Gouvea ML, CSB Grimmond Spatially integrated measurements of sensible heat flux using scintillometry
  • Gouvea ML, CSB Grimmond, MJ Best Evaluation of the surface parameterization JULES across a range of urban environments with varying vegetation plan area fractions.
  • Järvi L, S Grimmond, T Loridan T Oke, A Christen, B Crawford, Urban water balance In Vancouver: assessing the impact of changing land cover.
  • Loridan T, CSB Grimmond, BD Offerle, DT Young, TEL Smith & L Järvi, Recent developments & evaluation of the LUMPS-NARP urban land surface scheme
  • Loridan T, CSB Grimmond, S Grossman-Clarke, F Chen, M Tewari, K Manning, A Martilli, H Kusaka, M Best, The single-layer urban canopy model in WRF V3.2: recent amendments & offline evaluation using the MOSCEM optimization algorithm with field observations.
  • Järvi L, CSB Grimmond Single-source urban evaporation-interception scheme (SUES-2): recent developments
  • Kotthaus S, S Grimmond Surface Energy Balance Observations & Carbon Dioxide Exchange in the Centre of an European City