Observing London: Weather data needed for London to thrive

Weather observations are some of the most important data required to enable London to function. They are used by everyone to know when to take an umbrella or wrap up warm, but they are also critical for transport, businesses and government. Observations allow us to respond to extreme weather events and build long-term resilience. Weather observations are excellent for the communication of science and for education and community engagement.

Observations are also a core aspect of weather risk management, including energy trading and financial risk transfer e.g. insurance and weather derivatives, which are major services provided by businesses in the City. It is critical to have long-term observations to understand what climate changes are being experienced in London and monitor the impacts and effectiveness of our adaptation strategy.

Currently there are a significant number of academic, public and private organisations that make weather observations in London, all according to their own diverse set of needs. The London Climate Change Partnership, Met Office and Lloyds of London have initiated the Observing London project to assess the data availability and needs of the capital. This work will help enable innovation in weather and climate services so London can adapt and thrive.