LUMA – LUCY Community Database


  • Click on link to view spreadsheets
  • The ‘BASIC’ tables include the information provided with the LUCY distribution
  • Tables 2, 3, 4, … etc. hold data that have been added by the LUCY user community
  • If you have access to new data that are not yet available or your data might differ from those listed, please add into a new data table and include the relevant ‘SOURCE’ and ‘USER’ information in the associated tables, e.g. SOURCE 2 and USER 2 if you added data to Table 2.
  • Please make sure that you also list all SOURCES under your USER ID in the tables USERS/SOURCES (first link).
  • After adding new data to the LUMA archive, please fill in the following form (click here) for each submission to help us keep track of the changes in the database.


Annual energy consumption [kWh] by country

Cars  [number of vehicles per 1000 people] by country

Freight [number of vehicles per 1000 people] by country

Motorbikes [number of vehicles per 1000 people]  by country