Urban Radiation – Energy and Water Balance Models

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NameLocal-scale Urban Meteorological Parameterization Scheme Surface Urban Energy and Water Balance Scheme Flux Ratio – Active Index Surface Exchange Large scale Urban Consumption of energYGreater London QF
Complexity Simpler More complexSimplestSimpleSimple
Software provided Windows exe (written in Fortran)Fortran (Windows etc/Linux/ Mac) R codeWindows GUI Windows GUI
Applicable period hourly 5 min-hourly-annual Midday (within 3 h of solar noon)hourly – annual30 min – annual
Unique featuresradiation and energy balances radiation/ energy and water balance (includes LUMPS) calculates active surface – and fluxesanthropogenic heat flux only  anthropogenic heat flux for London
ManualManual Manual Manual  Manual
AccessSoftware download formSoftware download formSoftware download form Software download form  Software download form
Latest Version: LUMPS v6.0/in SUEWS V2014b V2016a  2012  V2014a (25 June 2014)
Main References2/3/51/ 2/ 9/10/111712/1314

References – see below

Sub-Models/ Fluxes

net all-wave radiationQ* NARP (Net All-wave Radiation Parameterization)6- 7-8
storage heat flux∆QS OHM (Objective Hysteresis Model) 3 – 4
latent heat fluxQE LUMPS 5
latent heat fluxQE SUEWS10 – 11
turbulent sensible heat fluxQH LUMPS5
turbulent sensible heat fluxQH SUEWS10
Water balanceSUEWS10
anthropogenic heatQFLUCY12 – 13
anthopogenic heatQFSUEWS10 – 6
anthropogenic heatQF GreaterQF14
anthropogenic heatQF LUMPS6
Sky View FactorSVF from digital images16
Sky View FactorSVF from Digital elevation model (DEM)15

Sky View Factor from digital images   Software download form

OutputFile generated: svf_res.txt
SVF    1-SVF   WHITE   BLACK    %WHITE   nring   ny    ichoice   FOV  Input File
InputFile with list of files: file_in.svf
contents: list of filenames with images to be analysed  –  quote marks should be around each filename
Format of files analyzed:  pgm format
can be generated using IfranView   The image should only have two colors (black and white)


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