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Hi Temp paper (accepted 12/02/14)
  • Young DT, L Chapman, CL Muller, CSB Grimmond and X-M CaiA low-cost wireless temperature sensor: evaluation for use in environmental applications  JAOT

Scintillometry paper (accepted 8/2/14) SWINDON

  • Ward HC, JG Evans, CSB Grimmond Multi-scale sensible heat fluxes in the urban environment from large aperture scintillometry and eddy covariance. Boundary Layer Meteorology (accepted 8/2/14)

Model comparison paper online

Two papers on London fluxes online

  • Kotthaus S & CSB Grimmond Energy exchange in a dense urban environment – Part I: temporal variability of long-term observations in central London Urban Climate doi 10.1016/j.uclim.2013.10.002
  • Kotthaus S & CSB Grimmond Urban CEnergy exchange in a dense urban environment – Part II: impact of spatial heterogeneity of the surface Urban Climate 10.1016/j.uclim.2013.10.001
17 Jan 2011

SOLWEIG V2 paper online

21 Dec 2010
Baltimore CO2 paper
Crawford B,  CSB Grimmond and A Christen (2011)Five years of carbon dioxide fluxes measurements in a highly vegetated suburban area Atmospheric Environment, 45, 896-905 doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.11.017
8 Oct 2010

Urban Model Comparison Paper: Phase 2 online

Grimmond CSB, M Blackett, MJ Best, J-J Baik, SE Belcher, J Beringer, SI Bohnenstengel, I Calmet, F Chen, A Coutts, A Dandou, K Fortuniak, ML Gouvea, R Hamdi, M Hendry, M Kanda, T Kawai, Y Kawamoto, H Kondo, ES Krayenhoff, S-H Lee, T Loridan, A Martilli, V Masson S Miao, K Oleson, R Ooka, G Pigeon, A Porson, Y-H Ryu, F Salamanca, G-J Steeneveld, M Tombrou, JA Voogt, D Young, N Zhang Initial Results from Phase 2 of the International Urban Energy Balance Comparison Project, International Journal of Climatology

2 Sep 2010

LUMPS paper on early view

Loridan T, CSB Grimmond, BD Offerle*, DT Young, T Smith, L Jarvi, F Lindberg. Local-Scale Urban Meteorological Parameterization Scheme (LUMPS): longwave radiation parameterization & seasonality related developments Journal of Applied Meteorology & Climatology. * past member (IU)

7 Aug 2010

LUCY – Anthropogenic heat flux- paper accepted (IJC)

Allen L*, F Lindberg, CSB Grimmond Global to city scale model for anthropogenic heat flux, International Journal of Climatology (accepted) * past MSc (EMMM) member of group

4 Aug 2010

SVF paper published

Lindberg F & CSB Grimmond, Continuous sky view factor from high resolution urban digital elevation models, Climate Research, 42: 177-183 doi:10.3354/cr00882


4 Aug 2010

Pilps-urban: International Urban Energy Balance comparison paper 1

Grimmond CSB, M Blackett, M Best, J Barlow, JJ Baik, S Belcher, SI Bohnenstengel, I Calmet, F Chen, A Dandou, K Fortuniak, ML Gouvea, R Hamdi, M Hendry, T Kawai, Y Kawamoto, H Kondo, ES Krayenhoff, SH Lee, T Loridan, A Martilli, V Masson, S Miao, K Oleson, G Pigeon, A Porson, YH Ryu, F Salamanca, GJ Steeneveld, M Tombrou, J Voogt, D Young, N Zhang (2010) The International Urban Energy Balance Models Comparison Project: First results from Phase 1 Journal of Applied Meteorology & Climatology, 49, 1268-92, doi: 10.1175/2010JAMC2354.1 pdf

4 Aug 2010

Trade-offs in urban canopy parameterizations paper published

Loridan T, CSB Grimmond, S Grossman-Clarke, F Chen, M Tewari, K Manning, A Martilli, H Kusaka,M Best (2010) Trade-offs & responsiveness of the single-layer urban canopy parameterization in WRF: an offline evaluation using the MOSCEM optimization algorithm & field observations. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 136: 997-1019. DOI:10.1002/qj.614 pdf

4 Aug 2010

WRF/Urban Modelling system paper published

Chen F, H Kusaka, R Bornstein, J Ching, CSB Grimmond, S Grossman-Clarke, T Loridan, KW Manning, A Martilli, S Miao, D Sailor, FP Salamanca, H Taha, M Tewari, X Wang, AA Wyszogrodzki, C Zhang (2010) The integrated WRF/urban modeling system: development, evaluation, & applications to urban environmental problems, International Journal of Climatology DOI: 10.1002/joc.2158 pdf

4 Aug 2010

BT tower – turbulent flow paper published

Wood CR, Lacser A, Barlow JF, Padhra A, Belcher SE, Nemitz E, Helfter C, Famulari D & Grimmond CSB (2010)Turbulent flow at 190 metres above London during 2006-2008: a climatology & the applicability of similarity theory. Boundary Layer Meteorology DOI10.1007/s10546-010-9516-x  pdf

4 Aug 2010

Longer Vegetation Season @ MMSF paper published

Dragoni D, C Wayson, H Potter, HP Schmid, CSB Grimmond, JC Randolph (2010) Evidence of increased net ecosystem productivity associated with a longer vegetated season in a deciduous forest in south-central Indiana, USA, Global Change Biology doi:10.1111/j.1365-2486.2010.02281.x

(group from Indiana University)