Urban Morphology and Surface Characterisation

Key people:

Prof Sue Grimmond
Dr Fredrik Lindberg
Roshni Kumar

This project makes detailed measurements and modelling
of urban surfaces. This project also aims to describe and analyse the
urban morphology at different scales in order to improve the urban
parameterisation in numerical meteorological modelling.
Parameters and measurements:

Morphological characteristics
Surface roughness lengths z
Zero plane displacement height zd
Plan area aspect ratio λp
Frontal area aspect ratio λf
Sky view factors
Measurements of surface emissivity via
GIS based system uses airborne /
spaceborne imagery
Parameters will be used in ARM and as input for modelling studies

The VIRTUAL LONDON, a dataset of 3D building structures covering
Greater London is used to derive parameters such as SVF (right) and
Frontal Area Aspect Ratio (below).

Dr Fredrik Lindberg is financilly supported by FORMAS, The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning