SVF – sky view factor

1) Calculation of Sky View Factors from digital images

Output File generated svf_res.txt
SVF    1-SVF   WHITE   BLACK    %WHITE   nring   ny    ichoice   FOV  Input File
Input File with list of files file_in.svf
contents list of filenames with images to be analysed
quote marks should be around each filename
Format of files analyzed pgm format
This can be generated using IfranView
The image should only have two colors (black and white)
This software comes with NO WARRANTY and on an “AS IS” basis
Reference Grimmond C.S.B., S.K. Potter, H.N. Zutter and C. Souch 2001: Rapid methods to estimate sky view factors applied to urban areas. International Journal of Climatology, 21, 903-913

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2) SVF Calculated from Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Lindberg F & CSB Grimmond 2010:  Continuous sky view factor from high resolution urban digital elevation models,Climate Research, 42: 177-183 doi:10.3354/cr00882

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